How do I manually add a subscriber to AWeber?

You can manually add up to 10 subscribers to your list via the Add Subscribers page. If you have more than 10 subscribers you need to add, you can use the import feature. If you're transferring your subscribers from another email marketing service, it's a good idea to make sure that your subscribers know they'll need to confirm to continue getting your messages, so that the benefits of staying on your list is clear to them. You can even offer a reward for confirming.

If your subscriber has already confirmed his or her subscription using a similar process as AWeber, you can manually add him or her without sending an additional confirmation message.

This article explains how to manually add a subscriber with or without confirmation.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, determine if you would like to send the confirmation message to your manually added subscriber. Then, hover over the List Options tab and click List Settings.

    Select List Settings from List Options
  2. Next, click Confirmation message in the left hand side of the page to change your confirmation settings.

    Click Confirmation message
  3. Here, you can edit the confirmation message if you would like it sent to subscribers you manually add. Under the Confirmation message settings section, you can toggle the “on/off” switch under “Send confirmation message for AWeber sign up forms” to choose whether or not you want the confirmation message sent to those who sign up through your forms. This will also affect manually adding subscribers to your account.

    Confirmation message toggle switches
  4. Then, hover over the Subscribers tab and click Add Subscribers.

    Select Add Subscribers from Subscribers
  5. Click the button for "Manually add up to 10 subsceribers".

    Click on Manually add up to 10 subscribers button
  6. Enter the subscriber's information and click the "Add Subscriber" button.

    Submit Subscriber Information / Add Subscriber

That's it! Now, depending on your setting from step #3, your subscriber will either be sent the confirmation message or actively subscribed to your list.

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