How Do I Import Subscribers With Confirmation?

You can easily import a list of subscribers via the "Import" page of your AWeber account. When importing subscribers into AWeber, you'll want to ensure that they have directly requested to receive your information before adding them to your list. If you're unsure if your list can be imported, please review this article.

The limit for the amount of subscribers you can import into your account without having a manual review is 10,000 subscribers per month. If you ever need to increase this limit to import more than 10,000 subscribers per month without going to a manual review first, please contact our support team and we would be happy to review this request for you.

By default, when you import subscribers, they will not be sent a confirmation message. If you decide you would like subscribers to be added to your list with confirmation instead, you can still do so. This article explains how to import subscribers with confirmation.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, hover over the "Subscribers" tab and click "Add Subscribers".

  2. Click the "Import Subscribers" button.

  3. Walk through the process of importing your subscribers. At the "Opt-In Message" step select the option: "Yes, please send a confirmation message to my subscribers once the import is approved".

  4. You will be given the option to review your confirmation message. Once you have reviewed this, click "Next" to proceed.

That's it! Now, your imported subscribers will be sent the confirmation message once the import is approved. After the subscribers confirm, they will be actively subscribed to your list.

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