How do I integrate Leadin with AWeber?

Leadin is an easy-to-use marketing automation and lead tracking plugin for WordPress that helps you better understand your web site visitors. When a visitor submits a form on your WordPress site, you want to know more about them. What pages they've visited, when they return, and what social networks they’re on.

Leadin's marketing automation and lead tracking plugin provides you with more detail about this information. This article explains how to integrate Leadin with AWeber.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, if you have not already done so, install the Leadin plugin on your WordPress site. Once the plugin is installed, hover your mouse over the "Leadin" tab from the sidebar of WordPress, and click "Power-ups".

    Select Power-ups from the Leadin menu

  2. Scroll through the page until you locate the "AWeber Connect" power-up. Click "Activate" for "AWeber Connect".

    Click Activate for AWeber connect

  3. Now, click "Configure" for "AWeber Connect".

    Click Configure

  4. You will be directed to your Leadin settings. Scroll down to the "AWeber" section and click the link for "".

    Click the link

  5. Another page will open where you will need to enter your AWeber login details. Once you have entered your AWeber login information, click the "Allow Access" button.

    Enter your login details and allow access

  6. Next, you will see an authorization code appear. Highlight and copy that code.

    Copy the authorization code

  7. Back in your WordPress, paste in the copied authorization code in the box provided. Then, click the "Save Settings" button.

    Past the authorization code

  8. Now, click the link for "Select a tag to send contacts to AWeber".

    Click Select a tag to send contacts to AWeber

  9. You will be directed to the Leadin Tag section. Hover over "Subscribers" and click "Edit".

    Click Edit in Subscribers

  10. Check off the box of the list you would like subscribers added to after they sign up. Then, click the "Save Changes" button further down the page.

    Select your list and Save Changes

That's it! Now, anytime a visitor signs up on your Leadin form, they will be automatically added to the AWeber list you've selected. Now that this integration is complete, here is an example of what a Leadin form may look like on your WordPress page.

Example Leadin form

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