How do I add a video to my message?

Adding a video thumbnail that links to a YouTube or Vimeo video can increase views. With your verified account, you can select one of the pre-populated thumbnails when uploading your video or add a custom one.

Please note that your video will not be playable within the email message itself because video is generally blocked by most ISPs and email clients.

If you're interested in sending video email using a hosting service that has provided you with some HTML to embed, you can add that using HTML

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Create your message using AWeber's Drag & Drop Email Builder. You can do so by clicking the "Create a Message" button and selecting Drag & Drop Email Builder. Within your message, drag the Video block from the left sidebar and drop it into your message.

    Video Element

  2. From the window that pops up, in the Video URL box, replace the "#" place holder with the YouTube URL or Vimeo URL for your video. This will take a screenshot of the video for you, add in the title from YouTube or Vimeo, and hyperlink the image with your YouTube or Vimeo link.

    Video URL Field

  3. You can also change the alignment of your video from the alignment options provided.

    Video Alignment buttons

  4. By default, the destination URL subscribers are directed to after clicking your video image will be the YouTube URL or Vimeo URL of your video. If instead you would like subscribers directed to a different web page, you can change the URL from the Destination URL section.

    Destination URL Field

    Note: The video block works specifically with YouTube and Vimeo videos only. When using YouTube and Vimeo videos, be sure the videos are published and not private as they will not work otherwise. If you have another video URL, you can still take a screenshot of the video and add that image to your message. Then, hyperlink the image with the URL of your video.


Using AWeber's HTML Editor?

You can include something in your email that looks like a playable video, but actually leads the subscriber to a page containing the playable video. It will require a few more steps than including a text link but should not be difficult.

  1. Open the page containing the video you'd like to include in your email.

    Access video URL to add

    Scroll to a point on the page where you can clearly see your video. Then, take a screenshot of the page.

    Screenshot video
  2. Upload the image file to your website or a third party image uploading service. Once uploaded, copy the direct link URL of the image.

    Host image online
  3. Once you have the direct URL of the image, open the message that you would like to add the image to, and click or highlight the place you'd like to insert it.

    Select location in message to add image
  4. From the toolbar at the top of the HTML Editor, click the "Insert Image" button.

    Click add image button
  5. In the "Image Properties" popup window, paste the direct link URL of the image in the URL area at the top of the "Image Info" tab.

    Add hosted image URL
  6. The last thing you need to do is hyperlink the image with the URL subscribers are to be directed to once they click the image. Click on the "Link" tab and insert the URL into the "URL" field. Then, click "OK" in the bottom-right corner of the "Image Properties" box.

    Add video link to image

That's it! Now, when subscribers are sent your message, they will be able to click on the screenshot of your video and view the video in another tab on their browser.

Example of video added with HTML

What if I have issues designing my messages?

Our great design team!

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