Updating your custom template for use with Message Themes

Why am I being asked to set up my theme?

When using Theme Settings for the first time with your custom template, you'll need to establish a Theme, and you only need to do this once per template. AWeber largely takes care of updating your custom template for you automatically, but we need to ask you to choose your font colors to ensure your message looks nice and is legible. 

Theme Settings

With Message Themes, you can effortlessly create beautifully designed emails with consistent formatting throughout your entire message. This feature will save you time and help maintain a professional look across all your emails with just a few clicks.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click here to enable message themes. 

  2. Create or edit a message with your template. When you do this for the first time after enabling theme settings, you'll be prompted to choose default colors from a selection of your most used colors for paragraph text, headings, and links.

  3. Click "Set colors and edit message" to update your theme styles. After you've made your initial selections, you can revisit and update these default styles anytime by click the "Themes" tab on the right.

  4. (Optional) For different section styles, you can set default styles on a row level. This allows you to have different looks within your email while still maintaining the overall theme.

By following these steps, you can easily apply themes to your existing templates, giving your emails a polished and consistent appearance. Enjoy creating beautifully designed emails with AWeber's Message Themes!

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