Why is my confirmation link invalid?

When a subscriber signs up for your AWeber list, if you have confirmation enabled for the list, they will be sent a confirmation message. The link within the confirmation message is valid for 30 days from the time the subscriber was initially sent the message.


If a subscriber keeps the confirmation message in their inbox for 30 days and does not confirm by clicking the link, the link will become invalid. For these situations, the subscriber will see the following notice:

What Can I Do If Someone Reports The Confirmation Link Being Invalid?

If a subscriber reports an invalid confirmation link, direct them to sign up again for the list again. Additionally, be sure to let him or her know there is a 30 day window to confirm the subscription to the list. If the subscriber was added through an application rather than a form, you can direct them to sign up for your list through the hosted URL of your AWeber form.

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