How do I bulk move subscribers from one list to another with AW Pro Tools?

AW Pro Tools is an application that provides a variety of tools that can be beneficial to your campaigns and AWeber account. With AW Pro Tools, you can bulk move subscribers from one list to another. This feature can be beneficial for new campaigns you're running. This article explains how you can bulk move subscribers from one list to another.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. At your AW Pro Tools Dashboard, click on Manage Subscribers from the left hand sidebar.

    Click on Manage Subscribers

  2. From the tabs provided, click Bulk Subscriber Move.

    Click Bulk Subscriber Move

  3. You will see a pop up for "Upload Emails" explaining that you can upload a .txt file with the list of up to 500 subscribers. You will need to put every email as a new line. Click "OK" on this pop up.

    In Upload Emails click Ok

  4. Now, click the "Choose file" button, and upload a .txt file with one subscriber per line.

    Click Choose File

  5. Then, select a Smart Link to use its action on those subscribers. Afterwards, click the "Save For Processing" button.

    Click Save for processing

    Note: If you forget what your Smart Link action is, you can return to your AW Pro Tools dashboard to edit the Smart Link, and then proceed with these steps again.

That's it! Now, your bulk subscriber move will be processed within 24 hours.

Example of subscriber move

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