Why is my message clipped in Gmail?

Gmail limits messages over 102 KB. If you send a message and your message size exceeds 102KB, your Gmail subscribers will see the first 102KB of content, then the following:

Gmail message clipped notification

When the subscriber clicks to "View entire message", your message will display in a new window.

The file size of the email is based on the email's code. Since images are hosted by an external source, such as your image gallery, the image size does not affect the size of the email.

Tips for avoiding clipped messages in Gmail

  1. Keep your messages concise. Highlight the key points in the message, then direct your audience back to your website to read more. This is easily done by adding hyperlinks to your messages.

  2. Each character is approximately 3-6 bytes in size. Avoid copying and pasting content from a website or word processing program. When copying your content from a website or word processor, you are copying the text styles as well—increasing the size of the characters. We recommend creating your message directly in AWeber's message editor, or you can paste your content into an unformatted, plain text editor such as Edit Pad

  3. Break your message up into more than one message. If your message is covering multiple topics, you could consider breaking up your message into two or three messages. By keeping your message content specific to one or a few items, this could help increase the engagement of your audience.
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