How do I send a Broadcast to subscribers who completed my Follow Up Series?

After subscribers have completed your follow up series, you may want to send a broadcast message to them directly. You are able to accomplish this by creating a segment based on the last follow up message number a subscriber receives. Since segments are dynamic, any subscribers who complete your follow up series will automatically be placed into the segment you create. This article explains how to send a broadcast to subscribers who completed your follow up series.

If your account was created after 02/03/2020, the Follow Up Series feature will not be present within your account as this feature has been deprecated. Creating an automated series of messages can be done with Campaigns.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Determine how many follow up messages are in your series by clicking the "Automations" tab and selecting "Follow Up Series."

    Follow Up Series tab

    Scroll to the bottom of your follow up messages and remember the number of the last follow up in your series.

    Note: For this example, our last follow up message is #3.

    Note the last message number

  2. Next, hover click the "Subscribers" tab and select "Subscribers." On the "Subscribers" page, choose "Last Message #" from the select field drop down menu. For the middle select field drop menu, select "is". Last, type the number for the last follow up message in your series. Once complete, click the "Search" button.

    Last Message Number search

  3. Provide the segment with a name and click the "Save" button to save the segment.

    Name and save the segment

  4. After that, click the "Messages" tab and select "Broadcasts." Create your broadcast message if you haven't done so already. Once your broadcast is created, go to the "Publish" section of the message and select the name of your custom segment you saved in step #4.

    Send to segment

That's it! Now, when you send your broadcast message it will be sent to only the subscribers who completed your follow up series.

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