How do I see the Spam Score breakdown of my message?

For over 15 years, AWeber has shown a "spam score" for your message.

This was originally created when the content in your message was the primary thing that email filters used to decide whether or not your message would show up in a subscribers inbox. Time has gone by and the way spam filters decide to filter your email has almost nothing to do with the raw content in your message these days.

There are many myths and mistruths told by people looking to sell secrets to easy inbox success. 

  1. There's no such thing as "trigger words". Using a dollar sign, multiple dollar signs, the word "free" or other words will not automatically put your email in the spam folder.
  2. Just because your email is going to the spam folder for one recipient does not mean it goes to the spam folder for all recipients. Inbox delivery is extremely personalized based on how you have interacted with those emails over time. 


Effective December 2021, AWeber no longer displays a "spam score" in accounts.

Spam Score breakdown


We believe that those relying only on a spam score to get inbox delivery are overlooking the most important elements of successful email campaigns. Thus we've chosen to remove it to narrow your focus and not waste your time looking at a metric that simply doesn't matter anymore.

For many years now, the key to inbox delivery is engagement. That means you should only send emails to people that have requested them and that they actively open, read, click links inside it and periodically reply to.

Learn more about increasing email engagement and email marketing best practices.

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