How do I create a message?

Email newsletters can connect you with your readers to cultivate fans. AWeber's email newsletter software allows you to easily create messages to send to your subscribers. To create and edit messages in your AWeber account, you need to follow just a few simple steps in your control panel.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the "Messages" tab and select "Drafts."

  2. Here, click the button to "Create a Message" and select the message editor you would like to use for your message. We recommend using the Drag & Drop Email Builder; however, all three editors will be available to you.

    Click Create a Message

  3. After you've written and saved your message, your message will be listed as a draft. Here, click "Schedule" to schedule the message as a broadcast. You can also add the draft to your automated campaign.

    Schedule button

    You can also send a test message by clicking "Send a Test" from the options underneath the subject line of the draft.

    Send a test
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