Does AWeber automatically create a Plain Text version of my message?

By default, AWeber will automatically generate a plain text version of your HTML message for you. The automatic generation of the plain text version occurs for both the Drag & Drop Email Builder and the HTML Editor.

When creating an HTML message, it is always recommended to have a plain text version behind your HTML message. This not only can help increase the deliverability of your message, but can serve as a backup for any subscribers who may not be able to receive HTML messages.

Where can I see the plain text version that is created?

From the bottom of your message will be the "Plain Text" settings. The word "Auto" is enabled by default and represents that your plain text version is being automatically created for you.

Plain Text button

Is it necessary to customize my plain text version?

Generally, no. In order to communicate a consistent message to your subscribers, it is recommended to have the content of your plain text message the same as the HTML message.

Where it generally is not necessary to customize the plain text version behind your HTML message, if you still wanted to customize the plain text version of your message you are able to do so. To customize the plaint text version behind your HTML message, click "Auto." Then, click "Custom" to modify the plain text version. When finished, click the "Save & Exit" button.

Plain Text pop up

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