How do I create a narrow template?

When creating new messages, you want the design to be consistent. Using AWeber's Drag & Drop Email Builder, you can specify a certain width for the overall message. This can be accomplished by adding the "Add Column" option. Just remember to set this width before you start creating the message to make things easier on yourself.

Using "Add Column" as opposed to manually entering line breaks has a few advantages as well. Not only will the template be easier to read on your mobile device, it will alleviate any potential for inconsistent line spacing across different providers.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, select "Drafts" from the "Messages" tab.

  2. Once on this page, click the "Create a Message" button and select the Drag & Drop Email Builder.

    Select Drag and Drop Email Builder

  3. Now that you've created your message, click the first section to pull up the settings options for that specific row. Click "Add Col Left" or "Add Col Right" from the options on the right-hand side of the editor.

    Click Add Col Left or Add Col Right

  4. Once you've clicked to add a column, a column is created within that row. In this example, we added a new column to the right of the existing column. The columns will be evenly sized by default.

    A new column will be added

    Note: You will have to add a column to each row within your message.

  5. If you would like to edit the width of the new column to make the template more or less narrow, click on it and hover over the blue line separating the two columns. Then, click and drag that blue line to the width you would like.

    Click and drag the blue line

  6. After finishing the design of your email, save it as a Template for future use. To do so, click the "Save As Template" button on the right hand side of the editor.

    Click Save As Template

  7. From the window that pops up, enter the name for your custom template and click "Save Template".

    Name and save the template

You're all set! Now, you can apply this template to any future messages under the "My Templates" button within the "Drag & Drop Email Builder".

What if I have issues designing my messages?

Custom Email Template Design

AWeber offers hundreds of templates you’re welcome to use! If you would ever find yourself wanting to modify an existing template or would like a custom template built for you to reflect your branding, our Template Team would be happy to modify existing templates or design a custom template for you!

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