How do I integrate Dasheroo with AWeber?

Dasheroo helps to make data easier to understand and act on for you to grow your business. By integrating different third party apps with Dasheroo, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Zendesk, and more, you can view valuable data that some of these third party apps make challenging to find.

The integration with AWeber allows you to easily track and measure your list health, recently sent emails, engagement for the last 30 emails, and bounces/unsubscribes.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, login to your Dasheroo account. Once you are logged in, click the option for "Add Insights" located in the upper left hand corner of your account. Dasheroo defines the different reports available as "insights".

    Click Add Insights
  2. Next, scroll through the available apps and select the "AWeber" app.

    Select the AWebera pp
  3. Check the boxes for the different AWeber insights you would like displayed on your Dasheroo dashboard. Once the insights are selected, click the "Next" button.

    Click Next
  4. Now, click the "Link Account" button in order to connect your AWeber account with your Dasheroo account.

    Click Link Account
  5. You will be directed to authorize the integration. Enter your AWeber login name and password. Then, click the "Allow Access" button.

    Login Name and Password
  6. Provide a name to refer to your AWeber account within Dasheroo. Then, click the "Next" button.

    Click Next
  7. You will see a notice that your AWeber account is connected. Once you have the desired AWeber account connected to Dasheroo, click the "Next" button.

    With AWeber connect click Next
  8. A prompt will appear asking if you're ready to add the AWeber insights onto your Dasheroo dashboard. To process this, click the "Save & Connect" button.

    Save and Connect button.

That's it! Now, when you log into your Dasheroo account you will be able to see the AWeber insights you've previously selected along with the insights for your other connected apps.

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