How do I use the Wait action with Campaigns?

After you select the Trigger for how to begin your campaign, you want to start adding Actions onto the canvas. The Wait action is used to designate the specific amount of time you want to wait between different Actions. In this article, we will go over the Wait action and how it can be used for a campaign.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, locate the Wait action in the left-hand sidebar of the editor.


  2. Once you've located the Wait action, drag and drop the action onto your canvas.

    Note: You can double-click the action to add it to your campaign as well.

  3. By default, the Wait action will be listed as "1 day before performing the next action". To change this wait time, click the Wait action on your canvas and locate the Settings in the right hand sidebar.


  4. These Settings will give you the option to set the specific amount of time you want to wait between when the next action occurs. You will have the option to select minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months.


    To set a specific send window click Add New Send Window under Set Custom Time.


    You can select which days you want this campaign message sent.


    : If you want to wait a day and a half between sending your message, you would set it as 36 hours.

  5. Once you set the specific wait time for this Action, it will be displayed on the canvas.


  6. In order to ensure multiple messages are not sent at the same time, you want to add a specific wait time between each Action.

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