How can I link multiple Campaigns together?

In order to utilize the email automation functionality of Campaigns, you will want to link your different campaigns together. To add subscribers to more than one campaign, you can use the "Trigger" options available in Campaigns. These can be used to link more than one campaign together as well. This article explains how you can link multiple campaigns together using the different triggers available in Campaigns.



Linking campaigns using the On Subscribe trigger

With Campaigns, subscribers can begin receiving your campaign based on the On Subscribe trigger you select. You can have multiple campaigns created using a combination of different On Subscribe triggers. To create the "On Subscribe" trigger for your campaign, first select On Subscribe as your trigger.

On Subscribe button within campaign trigger menu

Next, from the first drop down menu select the option for your On Subscribe trigger.

Add filter under On Subscribe settings on right-hand sidebar

Then, you can select the different adding method for your On Subscribe trigger. This could be one of the five adding methods to a list, the ad tracking value of your sign up form, or a specific country based on the subscriber's IP address.

Dropdown menu of different On Subscriber filters

For example, if you created two campaigns and each campaign contains a different "On Subscribe" trigger, subscribers could be added to multiple campaigns if they meet both "On Subscribe" criteria.

Linking Campaigns using Tags

When creating your campaign, you have the option to add a tag(s) to subscriber's information. This can be accomplished by using the Apply Tag action from your left hand sidebar.

Apply Tag action under Actions toolbar on left-hand toolbar

From the right hand sidebar of the editor, enter the tag(s) that you would like applied to subscriber's information or removed from their information. For our example, the tag "completed-prospect-campaign" is added to the subscriber's information.

Add tag under Apply Tag action settings on right-hand sidebar

Then, once you create another campaign, select the Trigger for Tag Applied and enter the desired tag from your previous campaign.

Tag Applied button within campaign trigger menu

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