How do I delay my first Campaign message?

Using Campaigns you will be able to designate a specific wait time between messages. Campaigns provides the option to delay the first message subscribers are sent after they're added to the campaign. This article will walk through how to delay the first campaign message using the Wait action.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, access your campaign or create a new one if you have not already done so. Then, select the Wait action from Actions menu.

    Wait Action highlighed in the Action menu

    Note: You can double-click the action to add it to your campaign as well.

  2. Drag and drop this Wait action directly under the Trigger action on your campaign canvas.

    Wait Action directly under Trigger Action

  3. With the Wait action selected, you can edit the wait time from the menu in the right hand sidebar. 

    Wait Menu to the right of the campaign canvas

  4. If you don't already have a message in place, drag and drop a "Send a Message" action beneath the "Wait" action on your canvas.

    Send a Message Action

  5. Now, select the message you would like to send from the "Settings" for the "Send a Message" action.

    Select Message button

  6. You will see that the first message is now delayed by 1 day after a subscriber is added to your campaign.

    An example campaign showing the trigger first, then the wait time, then the first message

You're all set! Continue building your campaign by adding additional "Actions" onto the canvas.

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