How can I copy subscribers from one Campaign to another with Campaigns?

With Campaigns, you can copy subscribers to other campaigns by using the "Apply Tag" action. Using tags, you will be able to have subscribers added to specific campaigns for a more targeted and automated email series. This article explains how you can copy subscribers from one campaign to another by using tags.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. To add a tag to your subscriber's information, drag the "Apply Tag" action from the left hand sidebar onto your canvas.

    Once the "Apply Tag" action is dropped onto your canvas, this will add the "Apply Tag" action to your campaign.

  2. From the right hand sidebar of the editor, enter the tag(s) that you would like applied to subscriber's information or removed from their information. For our example, our tag would be adding "completed-prospect-campaign" to the subscriber's information.


  3. Once your campaign is complete and your tag(s) are set, click the "Save & Exit" button located in the bottom right hand corner of your page.

  4. This takes you back to the "Campaigns" section where you can create your new campaign. To do so, click the "Create a Campaign" button.

  5. Once you've named your new campaign, select the "Trigger" for "Tag Applied".

  6. From the right hand sidebar of the editor, enter your tag in the section asking "Start the campaign if any of these tags are applied to a subscriber". Based on our example, we will enter the tag we created called: "completed-prospect-campaign."


  7. Create your campaign by dragging the "Actions" onto your canvas and click the "Save & Exit" button once complete.

That's it! Now, once you activate your campaign subscribers with the applied tag will be added to your new campaign.

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