How do I reorder my actions with Campaigns?

After creating a campaign, you may rethink the best place to add an action. If you find yourself needing to reorder the actions in your campaign, Campaigns makes it easy to move each action around on the canvas. This article will explain the step by step process for how you can reorder your campaign actions using Campaigns.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, build your campaign. To build your campaign, choose the different Actions from the left hand sidebar and drop them onto the canvas. The different Actions available for campaigns are Send a Message, Wait, and Apply Tag.

    Actions left-hand toolbar
  2. Once your actions are added to the canvas, drag the action from the canvas to drop it into the desired place in your campaign.

    Drag and drop Wait Action to appropriate step
  3. After you've dropped the action into a new place for your campaign, the remaining actions will automatically be bumped down.

    Dropped Wait Action within campaign canvas

That's it! Now, you can reorder any actions to complete your campaign. Save and activate the campaign once you're finished and it's ready to go.

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