How do I integrate Leadlinks with AWeber?

Leadlinks is a great way to get better conversions in your email messages. By including your Leadlink in a message, you can have subscribers automatically moved to a different list in your AWeber account.

After you have connected your AWeber account to Leadpages, you can select Lealinks from your dashboard.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, log into your Leadpages account. You will see the Leadlinks option located in the top menu bar.

    Leadpages menu

  2. Then, select the "Create New Leadlink" button.

    Click Create New Leadlink

    Note: Leadpages may prompt you to select an industry at this point. Select the industry you're working in and click the "Save & Continue" button.

    Select an industry option

  3. Next, access the "Integration Settings" located in the left hand sidebar. Here, select "AWeber" from the "Integrate link with" drop down menu. Then, select the AWeber list you would like to connect to with the "Using" drop down menu.

    Integration Settings menu

    Note: Remember that you need to have a sign up form created in your list for Leadpages to recognize it.

  4. After you have selected AWeber from the "Integrate link with" drop down menu, and the list from the "Using" menu, click the "Customize this link" button.

    Select Customize this link

  5. Give your LeadLink a name.

    Leadlink name

  6. If you would like to use a "Thank you page" that is different from the sign up form you connected with Leadlinks, you can update this under the "Thank you page" setting in the left hand sidebar.

    Thank you paeg options

    Note: You need to uncheck "Use default thank you page" in order to update that URL.

  7. Next, you will see your Leadlink listed in the dialogue box in your account.

    Leadlink created

  8. After copying this link from your account, remember to save before navigating back to AWeber.

    Copying a Leadlink

  9. Once back in your AWeber account, select the message you would like to edit, and add the Leadlink directly as a hyperlink.

    Hyperlink in the message

    Note: You can also use the Leadlink with an image if you would like a button in your message.

Congratulations! You've successfully added your Leadlink to a message in AWeber. Moving forward, when a subscriber clicks on this link, they will automatically be added to another list of your choosing.

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