How do I integrate Acuity Scheduling with AWeber?

Acuity Scheduling is a platform which allows you to organize your calendar, set your availability for appointments, see your revenue for paid & unpaid appointments, and more! When you make new appointments in Acuity Scheduling, the integration with AWeber will give your clients the option to be subscribed to your AWeber list through your Acuity Scheduling Intake Form.

This article explains how you can integrate AWeber with Acuity Scheduling by creating an Acuity Scheduling Intake Form and syncing the form with your AWeber account.

Step by step instructions

  1. In your Acuity account, click "Import/Export/Syncing" located in the left hand sidebar.

    Click Import/Export/Syncing

  2. Under the "All Integrations" section, click "AWeber".

    Select AWeber

  3. From the right hand side of the page, click the "Connect to AWeber" button.

    Click Connect to AWeber

  4. You will then be taken to a page where you will want to enter your AWeber login name and password. Once those details are entered, click the "Allow Access" button.

    Login Name and Password

  5. Select the list you would like synced with Acuity Scheduling. From the second drop down menu, you also can add subscribers to your AWeber list after they opt-in to your Acuity Scheduling Intake Form. Once your choices have been selected, click the "Save List" button.

    Select and click the Save List button

  6. Next, click the "Intake Forms" section from the left hand sidebar.

    Click Intake Forms

    Here, click the "Yes/No Choice" to add your question for if clients would like to be added to your mailing list.

    Select Yes/No Choice

    Enter your "Yes/No Choice" question. For our example, our "Yes/No" question is "Would you like to be added to our weekly mailing list?". Once complete, click the "Add Yes/No Choice to Form" button.

    Add Yes/No Choice

  7. Now that you've integrated with AWeber, you can select your "Availability" from the left hand sidebar of your account.

    Select Availability

  8. Next, you can set your "Appointment Types" from the left hand sidebar of your account.

    Set appointment types

  9. Last, you can go to your "Client's Scheduling Page" to publish your scheduler from the left hand sidebar of your account. Here, you can retrieve the direct link URL of your schedule page or retrieve the iframe code to embed directly onto your website.

    Direct URL

That's it! You have now successfully integrated your AWeber account with Acuity Scheduling! Now, all subscribers who have selected to be added to your AWeber list collected on your Acuity Scheduling form will be sent to your AWeber email list automatically. Here is an example of how Acuity Scheduling could look like.

Example of Acuity

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