How can I trigger a Campaign?

When you create a new campaign with Campaigns, there are two options for how to trigger your actions. In this article, we will walk through the different actions available as well as how to use them.

Depending on how you would like to begin this campaign, you will choose one of these two options - "On Subscribe" or "Tag Applied." "On Subscribe" will start the campaign when someone joins your list. "Tag Applied" will start the campaign when the system applies a tag to a subscriber's information.

Step By Step Instructions

After you have created and named your campaign, you will be given options of how you would like to trigger the campaign.

Campaign trigger options menu

On Subscribe

  1. Selecting "On Subscribe" will trigger a campaign for your entire list as soon as they join.

    On Subscribe trigger button
  2. Then, you have the option to narrow down which subscribers you want added to the campaign.

    On Subscribe filter settings on right-hand sidebar
  3. There are options to trigger a campaign based on where subscribers signed up, "Source," what form was used to join the list "Ad Tracking", or the "Country" based on the subscriber's IP Address.

    Dropdown menu of filter options
  4. The "Source" option can be narrowed down even further with options to trigger the campaign by specific add methods.

    Dropdown menu of Source options
  5. You will now see these options displayed under the "Start Campaign" section.

    Selected On Subscribe filters displayed within campaign canvas

    Note: You will have the option to designate multiple actions under the "Settings" for your campaign.

    Multiple On Subscribe filter options set up

Tag Applied

  1. When you select "Tag Applied," the campaign will begin when your subscriber gets a tag added to their "Subscriber Information."

    Tagg Applied trigger button
  2. You can specify these tags under the "Settings" for your campaign.

    Tag Applied settings on right-hand sidebar
  3. This information will be listed under the "Start Campaign" section.

    Tag Applied settings displayed within campaign canvas

    Note: You will be able to use tags to stop people from starting a campaign as well.

    Remove subscribers from campaign using tags

You're all set! Now that you've selected a way to trigger your campaign, you can start adding actions to it. As your campaign grows, just keep in mind, you will be able to add and remove tags at any time for better optimization.

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