What is Campaigns?

Campaigns is AWeber's powerfully-simple email automation platform. With Campaigns, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Build your campaign in the Campaign Editor using these Actions - Trigger, Send a Message, Wait, and Apply Tag. Each of the action items can be dragged and dropped onto your campaign Canvas.

This article explains the different parts of Campaigns and how you could use the different Actions inside the Campaign Editor to build an effective email automation campaign.




When you first create your campaign, you're provided with the Trigger. Using the On Subscribe option, you can select if you would like subscribers to begin your campaign based on their subscribing method. Using the Tag Applied option, you can select if you would like subscribers to begin your campaign based on when a tag is applied to the subscriber's information.

Select Campaign Trigger


When building your campaign, there is a canvas where you can drag and drop the different Actions. The Canvas is the dark grey area where Action items can be organized. Each item dropped onto the canvas will serve as the next action to be taken with the subscriber.

Drag Elements into the Canvas

Send a Message

After you've created messages in the Drafts section of your list, you can select to Send a Message to subscribers once they reach a certain point in your campaign. Dragging and dropping the Send a Message action onto your canvas will prompt the message options located in the right hand side of the editor.

Drag the Send a Message Action to the Canvas


Adding a wait time for when certain actions are to be taken in your campaign is an integral part of creating an effective campaign. Setting a wait time is accomplished by dragging and dropping the "Wait" action onto your canvas and selecting your wait time from the right hand side of the editor.

Add Wait intervals

Apply Tag

While subscribers go through the different actions you've outlined in your campaign, you can add a tag to the subscriber to add them to different campaigns. This can be accomplished by dragging the Apply Tag action onto your canvas and entering in the tag(s) from the right hand side of the editor.

Add Apply Tag Action

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