How do I get started with Campaigns?

This article will explain how you can get started with Campaigns and create a campaign from scratch.

Campaigns is AWeber's email automation platform. With Campaigns, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. This not only saves you time, but makes creating targeted campaigns simple to set up.

Campaigns can be built using the Actions available - Trigger, Send a Message, Wait, and Apply Tag. Each of the action items can be dragged and dropped onto your campaign canvas. You can also configure your Campaign to allow for multiple entries, which means subscribers can repeat a Campaign they have already completed.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, create the messages you would like to be added to your campaign. You can create your messages by clicking the "Messages" tab and selecting "Drafts." On the "Drafts" page, click the "Create a Message" button and select the message editor you would like to use to create your message. Our most popular editor is the "Drag & Drop Email Builder." 

    Click Create a Message and select the Drag & Drop Builder Option

  2. Once your messages are created, click the "Automations" tab and select "Campaigns." Then, click the "Create Campaign" button.

    Click Create Campaign

    You will be given the option to create a brand new campaign or choose from one of our campaign templates. Click "Select" after hovering over the "Blank Campaign" to get started creating a new campaign.

    Click Select button after hovering over blank campaign template

  3. When you first create your campaign, you're provided with the "Trigger." Using the "On Subscribe" option, you can select if you would like subscribers to begin your campaign based on their subscribing method. Using the "Tag Applied" option, you can select if you would like subscribers to begin your campaign based on when a tag is applied to the subscriber's information.

    Trigger Options for On Subscribe and On Tag Applied

  4. Once your trigger is selected, you can start adding "Actions" onto your "Canvas." The canvas is the area where action items can be placed. Each new action dropped onto the canvas will serve as the next action to be taken with the subscriber.

    Blank area below the campapign trigger

  5. To build your campaign, choose the different "Actions" from the left hand sidebar and drop them onto the canvas. The different "Actions" available for campaigns are "Send a Message," "Wait," and "Apply Tag."

    Action Menu with Send a Message, Wait and Apply Tag
    You can Drag and Drop them onto the canvas or double click an action to add it under the last action. 

    Example Gif of dragging in and double clicking actions to be added to the campaign

  6. To customize any of your actions, select the action on your canvas and update the settings located in the right hand sidebar. This is the Wait action menu as an example. 

    Example Wait settings menu on the right of the editor

  7. If you ever need to reorder the actions in your campaign, you can do so by dragging the action from the canvas and dropping it into the desired place. When moving actions around, the remaining actions will be bumped down in the campaign.

    Example GIF of dragging an existing wait action above an existing message action

  8. Once you've finished creating your campaign, click the "Save & Exit" button located in the bottom right-hand corner of your page.

    Save and Exit Button
  9. Once you're ready for the campaign to be active in your list, click the Activate button.

    Click Activate Button

  10. If you ever want to change the status of your campaign, you can do so by clicking the options button or the three vertical dots. The different statuses available are "Active," "Pause," "Close," and "Stop."

    Change Status of Campaign using the options button

    Note: Once your campaign is closed or stopped, the campaign cannot be reactivated or paused.

    Note: The timezone for Campaign send windows is based on the local timezone of the device that last saved the Campaign. In any case. When you edit or preview the campaign, the time scheduled is shown in your timezone. If you don’t like that time, you need to edit it.

    That's it! You have now created an AWesome series of messages using Campaigns. You can continue to add new actions to your campaign and create new campaigns in your list as well! 
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