How do I use Tags with Campaigns?

After you select the Trigger for how to begin your campaign, you want to start adding Actions onto the canvas. The Apply Tag action is used to apply a tag, or remove a tag, from your subscriber's information. Tags can be used to trigger another campaign to be sent to your subscriber. You can also configure your Campaign to allow for multiple entries, which means subscribers can repeat a Campaign they have already completed.

In this article, we will go over the Apply Tag action and how tags can be used for your campaigns.



Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, locate the "Apply Tag" action found in the left hand sidebar of the editor.

    Apply Tag action within Actions toolbar
  2. Then, drag the "Apply Tag" action onto your canvas. You can drop the "Apply Tag" action in the desired spot for when you would like a new tag to be added or removed.

    Add Apply Tag action to campaign canvas
    Note: You can double-click the action to add it to your campaign as well.
  3. To update the tags, click on the "Apply Tag" action from your canvas and locate the "Settings" section in the right hand sidebar of the editor. Here, you can enter the tag(s) to be applied to subscriber's information or enter the tag(s) to be removed from subscriber's information.

    Apply Tag settings

    Note: When you have another campaign triggered on a tag, it will alert you at the bottom of this "Settings" toolbar.

    Alert containing associated campaigns with tag
  4. If you would like to remove a tag that you added, click on the "Apply Tag" action. Then, from your "Settings" click "x" to delete the tag.

    Remove tag from Apply Tag setting

That's it! Now, you can effectively use tags for your campaigns to automate the messages being sent to subscribers.

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