How is Campaigns different from Follow Up Series?


Campaigns is AWeber's email automation platform containing four primary actions - triggers to begin the campaign, sending a message, adhering to a wait time before taking the next action, and applying a tag.

With Campaigns, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. Campaigns allows for flexibility in regards to which subscribers are added to the campaign through the different "Triggers" available.

In addition to deciding which subscribers are added to the campaign, Campaigns allows you to decide which subscribers are excluded from being added to the campaign.

After a campaign is created, you are able to leave the campaign in a draft status until you're ready to make it active. When using Campaigns, you can decide if you want to pause a campaign, close the campaign to avoid any new subscribers from entering it, or stop the campaign entirely.

Campaigns page link

Follow Up Series

A Follow Up Series consists of a series of messages that are automatically sent to subscribers in sequential order. The follow ups are delivered to subscribers once they reach the interval you have set for each message.

Note: Follow up #1 will always be sent immediately once subscribers are active on the list.

Unlike Campaigns, a Follow Up Series will send messages to all subscribers added to the list. These messages are sent to the subscriber until they complete the series of follow ups.

A Follow Up Series cannot be paused, closed, or remain in a draft status. As soon as a Draft is added to the Follow Up Series, the Follow Up Series immediately becomes active.

Follow Up Series page link

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