What does each status mean with Campaigns?

There can be only one status for a campaign at a time, but there are a few different statuses that are possible. You can use the different campaign statuses to determine when a campaign is ready to go or not. This can be helpful if you're still in the planning stages of your campaign and not 100% ready for subscribers to receive content from you. Using the drop down menu for each of your campaigns, you can change the status of a campaign. This article explains each of these campaign statuses and what they mean.


After you have saved your campaign, the campaign's status will remain in a "Draft" status until you change it. In order to see if your campaign is in a "Draft" status, go to your Campaigns section and look to the left of your campaign name. If there is an indication of "Draft," your campaign is not active and would not be sent to subscribers.

Draft status


When a campaign is active, subscribers can be added to the campaign and begin receiving the different actions you've built onto the canvas. An active campaign can be changed to a paused status, closed status, or stopped status at any time.

Active status


When a campaign is paused, new subscribers will not be able to receive that campaign’s messages. All current subscribers will stop receiving messages in the campaign. Once the campaign is resumed, new subscribers who sign up will then be able to receive messages, and existing subscribers will continue the campaign where they left off. A paused campaign can be resumed, closed, or stopped at any time.

Paused status

Note: When you pause the Legacy Follow Up Series in campaigns new subscribers will not receive those messages when joining your list. Existing subscribers will continue through the campaign normally.


When a campaign is closed, the campaign will not allow any new subscribers to be added; however, it will still continue to the end of your actions for the subscribers already in the campaign. A closing campaign cannot be reactivated or paused; a closing campaign can only be stopped.

Closed status


When a campaign is stopped, the campaign will no longer allow subscribers to join. All current subscribers in the campaign will also stop receiving messages. A stopped campaign cannot be reactivated or paused.

Stopped status

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