How do I clear my AWeber cookies from my browser?

When you work online, it may be necessary to do some maintenance on your browser. This ensures that it will function properly on an ongoing basis. If you are experiencing slower than average load times, or receiving a "Session Expired" error, clearing out the cookies in your browser is a great way to resolve these issues.

Cookies, when related to the internet, are small files that are stored by your browser which contain information that is specific to you as a user. Using cookies helps webpages tailor experiences directly to you, such as remembering your name or login information.

The longer you go between clearing cookies in your browser, the more they build up, which can cause potential issues as cookies can sometimes conflict with one another.

To clear out your AWeber-specific cookies, we have created a quick and easy button at the URL listed below:

When you access this page, you will be given the option to click the "Clear AWeber Cookies" button. Once you have done so, please restart or refresh your browser, and you should no longer receive any "Session Expired" error.

If you continue to have difficulty with your browser after clearing out the cookies, we suggest clearing out your cache as well. That process is browser specific, so don't hesitate to ask if you need any help along the way.

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