How do I integrate Kickbox with AWeber?

Kickbox is a service that makes it easy to verify your subscriber lists, or integrate email verification into your application with their API. Integrating Kickbox with AWeber can help clean your list of subscribers in order to ensure that you're not sending any messages to undeliverable or risky subscribers. Having a clean list can help boost your deliverability rates to ensure that subscribers receive your messages. This article explains how you can integrate Kickbox with AWeber.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Kickbox account and click the "Verify" option in your dashboard.

  2. Then, choose "Add List" from the top right of your control panel.

  3. You will be taken to a page where to select the method for adding your list. Select "Add Integration" and choose "AWeber" from the "Add a New Integration" options.

  4. Next, enter your AWeber login name and password in to authorize the integration.

    Note: You will only have to authorize this app the first time that you connect Kickbox with AWeber.

  5. Once you have completed this integration, choose your list from the "Import List From AWeber" options.

  6. Click the "Import List" button on the right.

  7. You will now see this list under the "Ready & Completed Lists" section of your account.

  8. To begin the review process, click the "Start List" option on the right.

  9. Once Kickbox has finished reviewing the list, it will provide you with a breakdown of your CSV file under the "List Details" on the right of your control panel. Click the "Download" button at the bottom of this box.

  10. To clean up your list in AWeber select the "Update AWeber List" option from the Download list. You can download only the email addresses that Kickbox determined as being deliverable or you can download the entire list. Once complete, click either the "Download CSV" or "Update List" button depending on the option you've chosen.

That's it! Now, you will have a .csv file of the subscribers based on the filters selected or your subscribers in AWeber would be unsubscribed depending on which category they fell into: undeliverable, risky, or unknown.

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