How do I edit an existing Campaign message?

Editing an existing campaign message can be accomplished under the In a Campaign section of your list. This article explains the step by step instructions on how to effectively edit an existing Campaign message.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, hover over the Messages tab and select Drafts.

    Hover over Messages and click Drafts

  2. Next, select "In a Campaign" from the Drafts page options.

    Click In a Campaign

  3. You will see your active campaign messages listed here. Click on the subject line of the message you would like to edit.

    Active campaign messages

  4. After choosing the message you would like to edit, you are directed to the message editor to make any edits. After you make any changes, make sure to "Save & Exit" the message.

    Choose a message

  5. For this example, we will be editing the subject line.

    Edit the subject line

  6. Once you edited and saved your message, hover over the Messages tab and select Campaigns.

    Hover over Messages and click Campaigns

  7. Now that you've edited your message, you can view the changes in the campaign canvas. To do so, click on the name of the campaign.

    Changes displayed for the campaign

  8. The changes you've made to your campaign message are now shown in the Campaign editor.

    Example of changes

Congratulations! You have updated a message in your Campaign. Moving forward, any new subscribers will receive your new content.

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