How do I edit an existing Campaign message?

In this article, we will walk through the steps to edit a message that is already in your campaign.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Campaigns" page and select the campaign that contains the message you want to edit. Click your cursor in the highlighter area shown in the image below to select the campaign without opening the editor.

    Note* A blue stripe along the left of the campaign list will indicate which campaign you have currently selected.


  2. Click the "Messages" tab on the right side of the campaign list page to display a list of all the messages in the selected campaign.


  3. Click on the subject line of the message you would like to edit. This will load you into the editor for the selected message. 


  4. Now that you are in the editor, make any changes or edits desired. Be sure to click "Save & Exit."


  5. As an example in this article, we edited the subject line of our campaign message.


  6. Once you have edited and saved you will be redirected back to the "campaign list" page. Click  the "Campaign Stats" tab. You can now see the updated subject line of the message edited. 


  7. The changes you've made to your campaign message are now shown in the campaign editor as well.


Congratulations! You have updated a message in your campaign. Moving forward, any new subscribers will receive your new content.

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