How do I make changes to my active Campaign?

After creating your campaign, it is a good idea to update the content regularly. Adding new messages, or applying different tags, is a great way to manage what subscribers are receiving in your list. This article will walk you through how to make changes to an active campaign and what to look out for when making these changes.



Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Campaigns" page and select the campaign you would like to edit.

    Select the campaign

  2. Next, you will want to update the actions on the campaign canvas. For this example, we will be adding an additional "Wait" and "Send Message" action.

    Campaign canvas

  3. Drag an additional "Wait" action between the last "Send Message" and "Apply Tag" actions.

    Drag a wait action

  4. Set your desired wait time, then drag in a "Send Message" action between this new "Wait" action and the "Apply Tag" action.

    Drag in a Send Message action

    Note: See how the Item Indicator for this action is not green? As you have yet to assign a message to your "Send Message" action, it is not live. If you try to save the changes that you've made to this campaign right now, you will receive a notification that the campaign will be paused until the action is made live.

    Items missing error message

  5. Next, assign the desired message to this "Send Message" action.

    click Choose Message

  6. After assigning a message to this "Send Message" action, the Item Indicator will turn green.

    Green item indicator

  7. Save your changes by clicking the "Save & Exit" button located in the bottom right.

    Save and Exit button

And that's it! You've successfully updated your campaign with new actions.

How do changes affect subscribers already in the campaign?

There are a few things to be wary of when making changes to your campaign. First, subscribers who are already passed the new actions that you add will not receive them. In the example above, we added a wait action and new message after the second message in the sequence, but before the "Apply Tag" action. This is important to note because if a subscriber already finished the campaign and reached the "Apply Tag" action, they would not receive the new message that you added. If you want to ensure that all of the existing subscribers in the campaign receive the new message, you would want to add the actions at the end of the campaign. Campaigns are open-ended, so once a subscriber finishes the campaign, they will continue to progress with any new messages you add to the end of the sequence.

Second, you want to avoid reordering any existing actions or deleting existing wait actions. Subscribers stick with the last action that they received, so let's say you moved a one-day wait from right after the first message, to right after the third message in a sequence; any subscribers who were in that wait period will stick with the wait. When you move the wait, those subscribers also move with it and will continue receiving messages from that new point. Now, let's say you completely deleted the wait action instead; any subscribers who were still in that wait period would essentially be lost in the campaign because they stick with that action. Since the wait is no longer in the campaign, the subscribers would no longer be in the campaign, either.

Finally, subscribers will wait the original interval that was set up when they reached the wait action. For example, if you had a three-day wait, but decided you didn't want subscribers to wait so long and changed it to one day, the subscribers who already reached the wait would still have to wait the full three days--the change would not affect them. Only new subscribers who reach that point after you made the change would wait one day.  

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