How to buy a custom domain and set up a professional email address at GoDaddy, and connect it to AWeber

How to Buy and Register a Domain at GoDaddy

As an email marketer, you need to send email from a custom email address authenticated with DKIM and DMARC. The first step is to purchase a custom domain, if you don't already have one. 

>> Why businesses need a professional email address

The following video walks you through process of buying a domain from GoDaddy. 


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How to create a professional email address at GoDaddy

If you purchased your domain at GoDaddy, you may follow these steps for creating your professional email address using that domain.


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How to connect your email address to AWeber for DKIM Authentication

Connecting your new, professional email address to AWeber is easy, especially if your purchased your domain at GoDaddy, IONOS, or manage your DNS settings at Cloudflare.

The following article, How do I set up DKIM records for my domain?, explains how to:

  • Verify your email address
  • Set up DKIM records with our GoDaddy integration

How to add DMARC authentication to your custom domain

The final step towards fully authenticating your email domain for use at AWeber, is to set up a DMARC policy by adding a DNS record at GoDaddy if that is where you purchased your domain.

The following article, How to set up DMARC to comply with Google and Yahoo sender requirements, walks you through the process.


You've done it!

If you were able to complete the steps above, you're fully set up and prepared to send mail from the AWeber platform and have it received by top mailbox providers like Google and Yahoo. 

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