How do I reposition rows within my Drag & Drop message?

Creating rows and columns in your message is a great way to adjust the design of your template. Using our Drag and Drop Email Builder, you have the ability to align different sections of your message to achieve the desired layout. This article will show you how to move the rows in your message to adjust the content you provide.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the subject line of your message to access the Drag and Drop Email Builder.

    Select the message you want to edit

  2. Next, hover over the section of your message want to reposition. For this example, we will be moving the button and article block contained in one row. Click and hold the anchor icon to move the element.

    highlighted anchor icon

  3. Now, drag the row you have selected to the desired area of your message.

    repositioning row

    Note: You'll see the original placement of your row in grey, and the new position will be indicated with a blue line.

  4. When you release the anchor, the row will remain where you have placed it.

    row in new placement

Congratulations! You've successfully repositioned a row in your message. Moving forward, you will have the option to adjust the alignment of these sections of your message.

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