How do I bulk add a tag to subscribers?

AWeber's campaigns platform is a great way send targeted messages to your subscribers. Using tags, you can decide which subscribers you would like to receive your campaigns.You can also send a Broadcast directly to tagged subscribers as part of a segment. This article will walk through how to bulk update the tags applied to your subscribers.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Hover over the Subscribers tab and choose Manage Subscribers.

    Manage Subscribers

  2. Then, check the box next to the subscriber's name for anyone who you would like to update.

    Subscriber checkbox option

  3. Next, type the tag you want to us in the "Add Tag to Selected" option, then click "Save".

    Add Tag to Select and Save

  4. After you have saved, the tag will appear under the "Tags" section of the Subscriber Information.

    Saved tags shown

You're all set. Now that you've updated the tags for these subscribers they will be added to the existing Campaign you have created.

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