How do I search for specific date ranges in my Reports?

AWeber collects information on your lists and stores them under the "Reports" tab in your control panel. The information provided can be helpful in optimizing your email marketing. This article will walk you through how to search for specific date ranges in the "Reports" section of your account.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Hover over the "Reports" tab and select "Reports".

  2. Choose the report you would like to review. Keep in mind that this option is only available for reports that are collected on a rolling 30 day period. For this article, we will choose "Opens Over Time" from the "Account Reports" section.

  3. Next, click the "Detail" option in the top right of the report box.

  4. You will be given the option to select specific calendar dates for your search. Keep in mind that you can only search for a period of 30 days at a time.

  5. You can also search for a period of time between two months.

  6. After selecting the date range to review, you can view the graph of the information below the calendar.

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