What is a welcome message and how do I create one?

A welcome message is the first message a subscriber receives from you after they've become actively subscribed to your list. The welcome message is most commonly sent via a Campaign that is triggered based on a different action such as 'On Subscribe' or 'Tag Applied'.

Creating a welcome message

  1. To create your welcome message, choose the option for which type of message you would like to create. We recommend using the Drag & Drop Email Builder.

    Drag & Drop Email Builder.png
  2. After you have added your subject line, all of your message content, and saved your message, you can add that welcome message to a Campaign. Once your Campaign is activated, subscribers moving forward will be added to your Campaign and receive your welcome message!

Difference between a confirmation message and a welcome message

A confirmation message is an email sent to your subscribers before they are actively subscribed to your list. Once subscribers are sent a confirmation message, subscribers acknowledge that they would like to join your list by clicking a link in the confirmation message. This confirmation message process is used to ensure that only people who want to receive your information are subscribed to your list. *NOTE - the confirmation process may be disabled for a list/adding method which would automatically make someone actively subscribed after they sign up.

After a subscriber has confirmed the confirmation message sent to them, then they become actively subscribed to your list and can receive any of your Campaigns, including a Campaign that contains your welcome message.

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