How do I trigger a Campaign with a Tag?

Using Campaigns, you will be able to trigger a series of messages based on a number of different options. Starting a campaign when one or more tags have been applied is a great way to send more targeted messages to your subscribers. You can also configure your Campaign to allow for multiple entries, which means subscribers can repeat a Campaign they have already completed.

This article will walk through how to create a campaign that is triggered when a tag is applied to a subscriber.

Note: The Campaign will only trigger for subscribers that are tagged after the Campaign is made Active. If a subscriber is tagged before the Campaign was created, they will not receive any messages.

Step By Step Instructions

1. First, click the "Create Campaign" button in your list.


Select the "Blank Campaign" template that appears on the following page.


2. Then, select the "Tag Applied" trigger.

Select Tag Applied

3. When you select "Tag Applied," the campaign will begin when your subscriber gets a tag added to their "Subscriber Information."

4. You can specify the tag or tags to trigger the campaign under the "Settings" for your campaign.

Add tag in settings to trigger Campaign

5. This information will be listed under the "Start Campaign" section.

Trigger Campaign when tag applied action

Note: You will be able to use tags to stop people from starting a campaign as well.

Congratulations! Subscribers can now start your campaign based on when a tag is added to their Subscriber Information.

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