How do I trigger a Campaign with a Tag?

Using Campaigns, you will be able to trigger a series of messages based on a number of different options. Starting a campaign when a tag has been applied is a great way to send more targeted messages to your subscribers. You can also configure your Campaign to allow for multiple entries, which means subscribers can repeat a Campaign they have already completed.

This article will walk through how to create a campaign that is triggered when a tag is applied to a subscriber.

Note: The Campaign will only trigger for subscribers that are tagged after the Campaign is made Active. If a subscriber is tagged before the Campaign was created, they will not receive any messages.

Step By Step Instructions

1. First, click the "Create a Campaign" button in your list and select "Create a blank campaign" in the popup that appears. Then, give your campaign a name.



2. Then, select the "Tag Applied" trigger.




3. When you select "Tag Applied," the campaign will begin when your subscriber gets a tag added to their "Subscriber Information."

4. You can specify these tags under the "Settings" for your campaign.



5. This information will be listed under the "Start Campaign" section.


Note: You will be able to use tags to stop people from starting a campaign as well.

Congratulations! Subscribers can now start your campaign based on when a tag is added to their Subscriber Information.

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