How do I manually add a tag to a subscriber?

Using Campaigns, you can trigger a series of messages to be sent whenever a tag is applied to your subscriber's information. This is a great way to provide more targeted content to your list. In this article will walk through how to apply a tag to a single subscriber under the Manage Subscribers page.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click on the "Subscribers" tab to view all of your subscribers. Then, click on the Subscriber who you would like to edit.

    Click the subscriber

  2. Now, add the tag you would want to the "Tags" section of your Subscriber Information. Press "Return" after you have finished typing.

    Enter the tag

  3. Once you have applied the tag, click Save in the bottom left.

    Click Save

Congratulations! You've applied a tag to your subscriber. If you have an Active Campaign triggered by this tag, they will be added to it automatically. You can also send a Broadcast directly to tagged subscribers as part of a segment.

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