How do I delete a segment?

Segmentation is a great way to send targeted messages to a group of subscribers within your list. This article will walk through how to remove a segment from your list after it is no longer being used.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, hover over the Subscribers tab and select Manage Subscribers

    Select Manage Subscribers from the Subscribers tab

  2. Next, find the segment you would like to remove from your list.

    Locate your segment

  3. Once you have selected your segment, click the X to the right of the segment name.

    Delete segment option

    Note: This will not delete your subscribers. Deleting a segment will only remove the search criteria you have select and segment name.

  4. Now, you will no longer see the segment listed under the "By Segment" section of your Manage Subscribers page.

    Segment no longer shown

Congratulations! You've successfully removed this segment from your list.

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