What is AWeber's Curate app?

Curated content is a great way provide your audience with access to content you've personally selected for them. If you see a blog post or article that is relevant to your existing content, you can gather and send it directly with AWeber's Curate app. This article will explain a little about curated content and how our mobile Curate app is used.

The current version of the Curate is 1.2.5 for both iOS and Android. You can download it here for iOS and Android.

What Is Content Curation?

Curated content can help you quickly build a nicely formatted newsletter for your audience. You can gather information that they will appreciate and learn from. If you've ever shared an article on social media, or provided links to outside blogs in your newsletter, you have curated content. Being able to quickly compile and send this information to your audience can certainly provide additional value to your list.

AWeber's Curate App

Whether you're an iPhone user or an Android user, AWeber's Curate app is a fast and easy way to add content into a newsletter your subscribers will love to read and share. The newsletter you create with Curate would be sent as a Broadcast message in your AWeber list. Curate will use the metadata for an article to gather that information. Metadata can include the title, description, and link. The metadata may also include the publish date and feature an image.

After adding and editing content to your newsletter using Curate, you will have the option preview and send the message to your list. You can then start curating more content to send to your list.

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