What are the benefits of using AWeber's Curate app?

AWeber's Curate App is a quick and easy way to provide your list with curated content. You can use Curate to add content into a blank Broadcast that is waiting to be sent. Once you've gathered the right amount of information to send out, you can edit the content and tailor it to your subscriber's needs.

The current version of the Curate is 1.2.5 for both iOS and Android. You can download it here for iOS and Android.

Why Use Curated Content?

We all have great ideas, by gathering specific content you find in your day to day browsing, you can pass on the value you found to your list. Let's say you have a cooking blog, and are working on a series that helps your audience pick out the best pots and pans for their needs. You will likely be researching what other food bloggers and chefs use in their home. If you find an article that lists the best space-saving pots and pans for apartment living, adding that to your curated newsletter is a great way to provide more value to your subscribers.

Then, you can search out a similar article on how to stock your cabinets for building a fully functioning kitchen in a new home. If you look for articles that are specific to your audience's needs, they'll definitely get more value from reading them.

Why Use AWeber's Curate App?

As you find the articles you want to send to your list, Curate allows you to easily compile them into a single Broadcast message. You can "share" those articles into the app and, when you're ready, send out a message to your list. As you can add content from anywhere you'll need to edit some to match your style. Being able to go into the message and edit it to match your tone is a great way to personalize the copy. You may want to change the subject line, or provide a more tailored description. That can all be accomplished directly within AWeber's Curate App.

Using Curate, you would be able to select articles on cooking in small kitchens, how to find the best value for the price, and planning a meal for easier cleanup, then send out the message directly to your list. Maybe you want to add in a section on what pots and pans are best for a house without a dishwasher, just find the article and "share" it into the newsletter.

Using Curate, you'll be able to share whatever content you would like, and tailor the copy to your list, all within our app's interface.

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