How do I tag a custom field?

If you would like to add subscribers to a specific Campaign based off their choices in a form, you can do so by tagging a custom field. This article will walk you through how to apply Tags to a custom field in your Sign Up Form.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click on the "Sign Up Forms" tab in your list and select the form you would like to edit.

    Select the form to edit

  2. Next, select the custom field you would like to apply tags to in your form.

    Select the custom field for the tag

  3. Now, select the type of "Input Type" you would like to use for this custom field, for this example we'll use "Select Box".

    Select field type

  4. Once you've selected the type of input you want to use, add in the choices your subscriber will be able to select on the form.

    Choose answers and corresponding tags

  5. After you've added these Choices, click the green "Save Field" button in the bottom of the toolbar.

    Click the save button to save changes

    Note: When a subscriber signs up through this form, they will automatically be tagged with their selection in the "Manage Subscribers" page.

    Applied tags can be seen under subscriber information

Congratulations! You've successfully tagged a subscriber by their selection in a custom field. You can now send a targeted message to them via Campaigns.

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