How do I create a newsletter with AWeber's Curate app?

Curate is an AWeber app that provides email marketers with the ability to generate a curated newsletter on their mobile device. Leveraging your mobile device's native sharing functionality, Curate gives you the option to tap the "Share" option and save as much content as you would like into a single newsletter. You can also edit content in your newsletter directly.

To get started, you'll need to know a few things about the app. This article will walk through how to share content to your newsletter in iOS or Android devices.

The current version of the Curate is 1.2.5 for both iOS and Android. You can download it here for iOS and Android.


The first thing you'll need to do after downloading Curate is enable the app in your mobile device. To do this, first tap the "Share" icon in Safari or any other app.

Tap share icon

Then, look for and tap on the "More" option.

Tape more

Under the "Apps" page, toggle the Curate app on. You can add Curate to your favorite apps by tapping the green "+" button.

Toggle Curate on

After enabling Curate, you have the option to select the app from under the "Sharing" options. Please note that the option to share via Curate is available in many apps, but will display differently in each.

Curate sharing option

Tap the Curate app icon whenever you want to share an article into your newsletter. You can access this directly by tapping the Sharing options icon. After you add the content to your newsletter, you can makes any changes directly in the editor.


Once you have downloaded the Curate app from the Google Play Store, it will automatically appear under the Share menu. You can begin to share things into Curate from the web or other apps immediately. For this example, we'll show you where to find Curate in your native browser.

First, open your browser and tap the menu icon in the top right.

Icon menu in Android browser

Choose the "Share..." option from this menu.

Choose Share

Select Curate from the "Share" options.

Select Curate from Share options for Android

This will bring you into the Curate app where you can make edits to the content of your shared article.

Edit Article for Android

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