How can subscribers update their custom fields?

You can have up to 25 different Custom Fields in your list. This is a great way to collect additional information on your subscribers, and send them targeted messages based on their preferences. You can either add these custom fields manually through the control panel, or they can be added through our sign up form generator. This article will walk through how to give your subscribers to update this information on their end.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After creating the Custom Field in your list, make sure you have checked the option for "Subscriber Update."

    Subscriber Update column

  2. Make sure to "Save" after making these changes to your Custom Fields.

    Save changes to Custom Fields

What Your Subscribers Will See

Whenever a subscriber receives a message from AWeber, there will be a section included at the bottom of the message. This section will include the contact address, an unsubscribe link, and a section called "Change Subscriber Options". Your subscribers would click the "Change Subscribers Options" link to update any information on their custom fields.

Change Subscribers Options section

Once a subscriber clicks on this link, they will be taken to the "Subscriber Information" page. To update any information on their custom fields, the subscriber will need to click on "edit contact information".

Subscriber information page

After clicking "edit contact information" your subscriber will be able to make any changes to their information in your account.

Edit contact information option

After any changes have been made, the subscriber will need to click "Submit" for the new information to be saved.

Submit button

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