Why does my "From" address look different?

Though AWeber advises using a domain hosted email address for the "From" address in your list, you can use a free email address as well. If you choose to use a free email address for your "From" address, you will notice some differences in how that information is displayed when you send a message.

Yahoo!, AOL, Zendesk, rocketmail.com, and ymail.com use DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) as a method to authenticate email and help identify potential abuse of their domain. As a result of these DMARC authentication standards our system will adjust the "From" address in your list. For example, if your email address is:


That will now appear as follows:


Your subscribers will see testerjones=yahoo.com@send.aweber.com as the "From" address  in their inbox.

Why does AWeber make this change?

In an effort to increase your deliverability, our technical team has made adjustments to how the "From" address in your list will be displayed. This change to the address will help AWeber comply with each free domain's respective DMARC authentication.

You can resolve this issue by using an email address that is hosted on your own domain. For example:


That would help to increase the deliverability of your messages, as a domain hosted email address looks better to many ISP and email service providers. When considering what to use for your "From" address in a list, remember that subscribers will always see this information first in their inbox.

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