How do I update a Tag through the API?

Tags are a great way to send targeted information to the subscribers on your list. Using AWeber's open API, you have the ability to manage tags in a subscriber's information. This article will walk through how to apply tags to a subscriber using our API.

Note: This option may not be available in all applications. You would need to contact the developer of the app, or create an integration directly, to utilize this functionality.

What Are Tags?

A tag is used in your list to trigger a campaign. Tags can be added to a subscriber based on how they signed up, as well as through an "Apply Tag" action in the campaign itself. You can move a subscriber to another campaign using tags by adding it to the end of a series of messages.

Why Should I Use Tags?

Using tags gives you the ability to trigger a campaign based on any number of actions, such as a subscriber making a purchase or commenting on your blog. You will be able to add a subscriber to a list and tailor the content they receive. This gives you the ability to provide more targeted messages to your subscribers based on the information they signed up to receive. You can also send a Broadcast directly to a segment of tagged subscribers.

What Can I Update Using The API?

Using our API, you will be able to accomplish the following three actions.

  • Add a subscriber with a tag.
  • Update an existing subscriber to add tags.
  • Update an existing subscriber to remove tags.

When submitting your API request, you will include any required tags as a list or array. They will be included as a variable in the params section of your application. For an example of what this might look like when adding or updating a subscriber, click here.

If you would like additional information on what methods can be used to update this information, please reference the documentation section of our Labs site. 

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