How do I integrate Facebook Lead Ads with AWeber?

Facebook Lead Ads are a service through Facebook where you can seamlessly collect subscriber information via a Lead Ad form. Facebook Lead Ads allow you to rely less on web-based sign up forms, and easily grow your subscriber mailing list. When running a Lead Ad, Facebook will show the ad to subscribers likely to be interested in your business, based on the audiences you choose, so they can easily request to receive more information from you.

All submitted subscriber information from the Lead Ad form will be sent to you after the subscriber consents by tapping the "submit" button. With Facebook's policy, users are not allowed to share or sell subscriber information to anyone.
The integration of Facebook Lead Ads and AWeber is possible through Zapier. This integration allows you to have subscribers added to your AWeber mailing list when they sign up through your Facebook Lead Ad form.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the "Make a Zap!" button in the top right of the dashboard.

  2. Then, select "Facebook Lead Ads" from the "Choose a Trigger App" options.

  3. After selecting "Facebook Lead Ads", choose "New Lead" from the trigger options.

  4. Once selected, click "Save + Continue"

  5. Next, you'll have the option to "Select Facebook Lead Ads Account". You'll have the option to connect other accounts here as well.

  6. Once you connected your account, click "Save + Continue".

  7. Now, select the page you would like to use. First, make sure that you are set as the Admin or Manager of this page.

    Note: You can also select a specific form for this state of the integration.

  8. Once you've chosen a page and form, click the "Continue" button in the bottom right.

  9. You'll be given the option to test the integration again. If you would like to, click "Connect & Continue". Otherwise, select "Skip Test & Continue".

  10. To finish this step in the integration, click the "Continue" button in the bottom right.

  11. Now that you've completed the Trigger step in this integration, select "AWeber" from the options for "Action App".

  12. Then, select the "Create Subscriber" action.

  13. Once selected, click "Save + Continue".

  14. Now, select the account you would like subscribers added to when they come through your Facebook Lead Ad.

  15. Click "Save + Continue"

  16. Next, Zapier will provide options for the information you want to capture through this integration. You are required to choose an Account ID, List ID, and Email. All other fields are optional, but you can connect any Custom Field set in the connected list.

  17. After selecting these fields, click "Continue" in the bottom right.

  18. Next, you are given the option to test this step of the integration.

    To perform this test, click "Create & Continue". Otherwise, click "Skip Test & Continue".

  19. Whether you test the integration or not, you'll be prompted to complete the setup process by clicking "Finish" in the bottom right.

  20. After clicking "Finish", you will need to turn on this Zap. To do so, click the "Your Zap Is..." toggle switch ON:

    Note: The Zap will be shown as "ON" in your Zapier dashboard.

Congratulations! You've connected AWeber to your Facebook Lead Ads account using Zapier. Subscribers who sign up in this will will automatically be added to your list. Check out the section below for the most used Zaps.

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