How do I fix bad images in my Curate newsletter?

When you curate content into the Curate mobile app, some items will include an image from the source article. Sometimes the images provided by the source are unusable. If you'd like helping taking a look, please let us know. There could be several reasons for that.

  • The image is not a common file type
  • The image is unusually large
  • The hosted URL for the image is incorrect or invalid
  • The image comes from an untrusted source

When the source image is unacceptable, you'll receive an error that prevents sending that newsletter to your list.


Before you do anything else, attempt to send your newsletter again. In some cases, the issue at the source was temporary and will resolve itself.

If resending doesn’t work, then you have a couple of options for fixing this problem.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Try deleting the image, or an entire curated block. To delete the entire block, tap the Delete icon in the bottom right.

    Tap Delete icon to delete entire block

    To delete the image from a curated block, tap the Edit icon.

    Tap Edit icon to delete image from block

    Then tap "Delete" on the image itself.

    Tap Delete icon on image itself

    Note: If you have more than one item in your newsletter, you will have to delete the images or blocks one at a time and attempt to send again until the send is successful.

  2. Delete all the images and send your newsletter with text only.


Once the unusable image is removed, you will be able to proceed with sending newsletters from Curate without issue.

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