How do I set up my lead magnet with AWeber?

One way to attract visitors to subscribe your email list is to offer them something of value. This is typically referred to as an incentive, or lead magnet. By offering a valuable and relevant piece of content in exchange for your prospect's contact information, you're setting the expectations for what kind of information they will be receiving in the future as well as boosting engagement with your landing page.

When the first interaction someone has with your content is one of value, that's a great first impression. You'll see higher engagement rates with this content as well.

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There are endless ways to provide relevant and valuable incentives to your prospective subscribers, but here are two examples.

The PDF Download

One of the most reliable ways to offer a lead magnet is by providing an downloadable PDF, such as a checklist, infographic, or eBook in return for signing up to your email list. Potential leads can be directed to a landing page you have created that offers an exclusive piece of content in exchange for entering their information to your form. You can send this incentive directly in the welcome message.

Awesome message templates here

If your incentive is hosted online, you can also add this to your Thank You Page URL directly under the "Settings" section of your form. This gives prospects immediate access to your content without having to access their inbox directly.

The Video

If your campaign will be providing more interactive content, you may want to offer a video in place of an eBook or PDF download. This can also be sent out as a part of your welcome message. Just keep in mind that your subscribers will be directed to the hosted video page from within the message. Your video is also a great way to introduce your personality to new leads.

Setting Up The Sales Funnel

Both the PDF download and video lead magnets function in the same way, to increase awareness and drive sign ups to the beginning of your sales funnel. When thinking about what kind of content you want to offer, consider what kind of prospects you want to attract. By offering content that is actionable and has real value to them, you'll be able to stack the top of your funnel with engaged prospects, who will convert at a much higher rate.

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